Testimonials & Case Studies

“Adam has one plenty of tweaking on my Strad, his knowledge of Ferrari’s and all cars is incredible. To have someone available at the end of the phone to chat/discuss is invaluable and has totally enhanced my Ferrari ownership.”
Rick, Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale

“Thanks again for the excellent job on my Major service this year, the car will be following you for any future work.
For anyone that doesn’t know, Adam did my major service on the F430 this year, he had me bring it in a bit early as the warranty was about to expire, he went through the car completely and found quite a few items, both front ball joints, and a rear track rod arm needed replacing, also a broken exhaust bracket, Adam used his contacts at Ferrari manchester, and they came and picked the car up and did all the work on warranty and delivered it back, I doubt very much whether Ferrari would have picked these up if i took the car to them by myself. If anyone has a super car that is close to it’s warranty running out, it might be worth your while letting John have a look at it first. He could save you £££££.”
Martin, Ferrari F430 owner

“2011 was an anus horriblis for me and I just didn’t get to drive my beloved car very much at all. She was in dire need of TLC and someone who understands performance cars after the previous garage made a mess of things. Step forward Ferrari specialist Adam Eyre, what a great guy and a true petrolhead.  Adam accomplished more in 3 days than other so called experts did in 2 years!!!
I cannot praise this man enough-his depth of knowledge on these types of vehicles is astonishing.”
Joesph, Ferrari Testarossa owner

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